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Tibetan medical theory states that everything in the universe is comprised of the five elements: earth, water, fire, wind, space. Underlying the physical and visible there is the all pervading area of invisible and subtle forces which  at the microcosmic level are essential for the proper functioning of the body and mind and constitute the subtle counterpart of the gross physical body. These are the three main subtle humours that govern all the processes of the body:

Wind (rLung pronounced Loong) is the manifestation of the Air element and is responsible for physical and mental activities, respiration, expulsion of bodily wastes, speech and gives clarity to sense organs.  It is responsible for all voluntary and involuntary functions of the body. In the mind it is expressed as attachment or desire.

Bile (mKhris-pa pronounced Tripa)is the manifestation of the Fire element. It is responsible for hunger, thirst, digestion and assimilation, controls metabolism, liver function, promotes bodily heat, gives luster to the skin and provides courage and determination. It is responsible for all secretory functions.. Bile humour manifests itself in the mind as hatred

Phlegm (Bad-kan pronounced Baeken) - is the manifestation of Earth and Water.  It provides lubrication to the body, connectivity to the joints and is responsible for memory and all digestive functions. It is cold in nature.  Phlegm manifests itself in the mind as ignorance and obscuration.

The root of all disease is the imbalance of the three subtle humours and the afflictive emotions of desire, hatred and ignorance. The primary aim of Tibetan medicine therefore is to redress this imbalance and to maintain the equilibrium  in these elements in order to ensure good health.

This traditional Tibetan health tonic formulated from pure natural Tibetan herbs can help deal with stress and promotes an overall sense of well being for body and mind.


For those suffering from excess tiredness and fatigue this boosting tonic can help to restore energy levels and strengthen the immune system. It also helps to optimise vigour and vitality and an overall improvement in general health. This rich energy source contributes to a long and healthy life, strengthening the body and promoting a clear functioning of the senses. Lack of kidney heat can result in a loss of vitality, this tonic is especially effective in maintaining kidney heat.


Ingredients: Calcite powder, sugar, asparagus adscendens, oryza sativum, withania somnifera, glycirrhiza glabra, piper longum, elettaria cardamomum, Syzygium aromaticum, Carthamus tinctorus, emblica officinalis

Sorig Chongchen Chulen which translates as "vital nourishment" is a traditional Tibetan  formulation to help to restore the body's energies by rebuilding its natural strength and immune system. It is particularly effective for those suffering from prolonged illness or respiratory problems. It is especially beneficial in regaining vital mental and physical health


Ingredients: cinnamomum zeylanicum, elettaria cardamomum, tanacetum sp., piper longum, vitis vinifera, phoenix dactylifera, honey, oryza sativum,  glycyrrhiza glabra, Sugar

Wisdom nectar is prepared with a combination of pure herbal ingredients based on the traditional Tibetan Medical Texts and is useful in helping to promote mental alertness, sharpen clarity of thinking and helps to enhance the memory.


Directions for Use: Each sachet contains pulverised herbs.

Take one sachet daily in the morning on an empty stomach. Open sachet and add to warm water and steep for 3 – 5 minutes then drink including herbs.


Ingredients: Terminalia Chebula,, Zingiber officinalis, Roscoe, Piper Longum ,Piper Nigrum linn., Acorus Gramineus, Soland, Alum, Butter, Vitis Vinifera, Phoenix dactilyfera, Oryza sativum, Honey



This potent elixir, formulated according to Tibetan Medical Texts, works to ensure that the body energies are in balance and helps to maintain a healthy body and mind. The elixir contains pure Tibetan herbs that protect the body from damaging and ageing environmental factors. It works to strengthen the immune system, kidneys and digestive system, helping to promote a long and healthy life.


Directions for Use: Each sachet contains pulverised herbs.

One sachet a day on an empty stomach in the morning or before bedtime. Open sachet and add to warm water or warm milk and steep for 3 – 5 minutes then drink including herbs.


After washing recite the lord Amitayus mantra “Om Amarani Dzi Wende Svaha.” as many times as possible and drink the herbal mixture. This powerful mantra should evoke a strong sense of prolonged life.


Ingredients: Brassica competris, Acorus gramineus, Sallucidum, Piper longum, Vitis vinifera, Phoenix dactylifera, Oryza sativum, Butter and Honey.

This special Tibetan blend of spices, based on Tibetan medicinal texts, aids digestion, cleanses the system and promotes a healthy appetite. It contains star anise which promotes a healthy digestion and circulation, while also helping to relieve flatulence and prevent stomach irritations. Soothing cardamom works to maintain a good digestive system and helps soothe the stomach, promoting a healthy appetite.


Directions for use: Sprinkle on salads or use during cooking to flavour and enhance cooked foods and soups as required, according to taste


Ingredients: Illicium verum, Cuminum cyminum, Elettaria cardamomum, Amomum subulatum, Piper longum, Piper nigrum, Zanthoxylum nepalene and Cinnamomum zeylinicum.

Sorig Health candy has been formulated according to ancient Tibetan texts. It optimizes physical vigour, digestion and supports “Loong”.


According to Tibetan text Loong is the subtle “wind” humour that when in balance promotes physical growth, respiration, calmness of mind. An imbalance of Loong manifests itself as anger, stress and anxiety. 


This candy is best absorbed by letting it melt slowly on the tongue.


Ingredients: Jaggery, Honey, Butter, Calcite powder, Emblica officinalis, Oryza sativum, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Carthamus tinctorius, Elettaria cardamomum, Cinnamomum zeylinicum, Phoenix dactylifera.

A natural aid to healthy weight loss and a detox, HerbaSlim has been formulated using traditional Tibetan medicinal herbs which can effectively help in healthy weight loss. Combined with a balanced diet, controlled lifestyle and exercise plan HerbaSlim aims to achieve an optimal and healthy weight by balancing and maintaining body fluids, controlling blood sugar levels and stimulating blood circulation. Berberis works as a detox, helping to eliminate toxins and excess bodily fluids whilst Terminalia Chebula (well known as Aru “the king of herbs” in Tibet) promotes digestive heat and stimulates circulation. Formulated to give increased energy and vigour to over-come the tiredness and fatigue often associated with dieting, it also enhances the skin’s complexion giving it a healthy glow.


Use in conjunction with a good diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise plan, avoiding over consumption of fatty and raw foods, sweets and heavy meals. Refrain from taking naps after meals which can slow down digestion.


Directions for Use: Each sachet contains pulverised herbs.

Take one sachet in the morning on an empty stomach. Open sachet and add to warm water, and steep for 3 – 5 minutes then drink including herbs.


Ingredients: Berberis sp., Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, Embelica officinalis ,Zingiber officinalis, Embelia ribes, Clematis sp., Honey

Text Box: Disclaimer: We do not make any claim to treat, cure or prevent any disease with these products. However, the herbal formulations on which the SORIG Tibetan Herbal Healthcare products are based have been used by Tibetans for centuries and form part of the ancient traditional Tibetan  principles and knowledge of healing

According to Tibetan Medicine, the primary cause of the ageing process is the transformation of the primordial elements and the secondary cause is the passing of the years, physical exhaustion and mental stress. This rejuvenating elixir helps combat both the internal and external signs of ageing from tired, drying skin and hair to weakening mental and sensory sensitivity. It supports the body’s energies, helping to slow down the collective signs of ageing, reduce mental and physical stress and contributes to a long healthy life. It is especially effective as an aphrodisiac.


Directions for use: Each sachet contains pulverised herbs.

Take one sachet daily in the morning on an empty stomach from the first day of the waxing moon and then perform some gentle physical exercise but stop before sweating. Open sachet and add to warm water and steep for 3 – 5 minutes then drink including herbs. Take for a minimum of 3 months but ideally for one year. 


Ingredients: terminalia chebula, emblica officinalis, rhododendron aff cephanthum, artemisia sp., asparagus racemosus, phlomis younghusbandii, drosera pettata Smith, Ginseng, Vitis vinifera, Honey, Oryza sativum, butter, terminalia belerica, sabina wallichiana (Hook), polygonatum cirrhifolium, tribulus terrestris, polygonum viiparum, cordycep sinensis, hippohae rhmnoides Linn., phoenix dactylifera, mineral exudate, molasses, milk, sugar