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The maintenance of good health and the treatment of disease in Tibetan medicine are  primarily a matter of bringing the various elements of the body into balance. This is accomplished through four progressive types of treatment - diet, lifestyle, medicine and therapy.  The first two involve changes in the type of food we eat and behavior we engage in. Only when these prove ineffective is the physician advised to prescribe medicine and therapy. External therapies can broadly be summarized under two types: mild and drastic therapies.

Mild therapies are more generally practiced in Tibetan medicine as they are easily administered and have direct beneficial results. Mild therapies include massage, fomentation, heat compress, medicinal bath therapy etc


Tibetan therapeutic massage is one of the oldest forms of massage. It is one of the external therapies found in the Gyud-Zhi (Four Tantras) for treatment  of Wind (rLung) imbalance and related stress disorders. According to the Gyud-Zhi, rLung is the sole cause of all disorders. Symptoms of Wind (rLung) imbalance are insomnia, stress, depression, unbalanced emotions, muscle cramps, stiffness and backaches.


This relaxing and toning massage oil has been formulated from the Gyud-Zhi according to which the body energies need to flow freely to create a longer, healthier life, and  to promote an overall sense of calmness and well-being.  The special blend of Himalayan herbs in the oils helps  move and stimulate the energy flow throughout the energy channels and muscles of the body.  The herbs penetrate deeply into tired and stiff muscles, breaking down impurities and congestion in the muscles, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.  Stimulation of the body cells and improving circulation also result in toned muscles, helping to reduce excess body fat, leaving the skin looking and feeling rejuvenated whilst promoting a greater sense of calmness and well-being.


Apply on the body with long longitudinal  downward strokes , circular rubbing or on the rLung points (see Hormey Heat Compress treatment for rLung points)


The oil massage should be completed by rubbing the body with chick pea flour to mop up excess oil, which is considered Phlegm (Tripa) producing,  so as to prevent side effects from the massage.


Ingredients: helianthus annus, sesamum indicum, zingiber officinale, tinospora cordifola, rubus sp., bombax ceiba, ammomum subulatum, myristica fragrans, carum carvi, curcuma longa, adatoda vasica nees, sweria chirata, elletaria cardamomum, carthamus tinctorius, syzygium aromaticum

This base oil for the Hormey Heat Compress therapy consists of a mixture of caraway, nutmeg and sesame oils


Ingredients: Nutmeg oil, Caraway oil, Sesame oil

Zathi-Dukpa consists of cotton pouches containing a mixture of medicinal herbs formulated for the Hormey Heat Compress therapy.  The pouch should be immersed in the heated oil (Zathi-Duknuum) and gently applied to the specific “Loong” points as illustrated.


This therapy has been practised in traditional Tibetan medicine for more than two thousand

years. The fomentation with medicinal herbs enriched with the qualities of the heated oils

(caraway, nutmeg and heated sesame oil) helps to harmonize “Loong” disorders like insomnia,

palpitation, sudden fainting, stiffness of the extremities, vertigo, tinnitus etc. This

therapy consists of the following products:


- Zathi Dhukpa (heat compress bags containing medicinal herbs) 10 bags              

- Zathi-Duknuum (heat compress oil) 100 ml                                                 

- Mey-Phor (oil diffuser)                                                                  


Procedure:  Pour the oil mixture (Zhati-Duknuum) in the oil diffuser (Mey-Phor) and heat

it. Immerse the bag containing medicinal herbs (Zhati Dhukpa) in the hot oil and gently

apply to the specific front and back “Loong” loci as illustrated



Loong points

Tibetan Medicinal Bath Therapy (Dhutse-Ngalum) is a part of water therapy practised in traditional Tibetan Medicine. Developed through long clinical practice over a period of more than one thousand years, this practice is established as an important therapy in the Tibetan Medical system. Several herbal ingredients are combined with the qualitative value of water and fire elements, having the characteristics of fluidity and burning respectively. Enriched with the triple contents of medicine, water and fire, this treatment has the same therapeutic value as that of a natural hot spring.


Ingredients: Ephedra sp., Rhododendron sp., Artemesia sp., Myricaria squamosa, Juniperus squamata, Calcite, Trona, Sulphur, Tribulus terrestris, Shorea robusta



Directions of use: This treatment can be taken through steam, as a compress or in the bath. If used in the bath, the herbs should be boiled for at least 20 minutes and the resulting decoction mixed in the bath. Soak in the mixture for at least half an hour. It is a good therapy for "Loong" disorders, helping to ease mental restlessness and harmonising physical humours. It also helps in muscle degeneration, to alleviate swelling of the legs, varicose veins, stiffness of limbs resulting from arthritis and nerve disorders, menstrual pain and rough skin

Disclaimer: We do not make any claim to treat, cure or prevent any disease with these products. However, the herbal formulations on which the SORIG Tibetan Herbal Healthcare products are based have been used by Tibetans for centuries and form part of the ancient traditional Tibetan principles and knowledge of healing